Biomass & Bioenergy

币游注册Bioenergy – renewable energy made from biological sources or biomass – can be used for heat, power and liquid fuels. Bioenergy encompasses multiple feedstocks from agriculture, forestry, and urban sources, and uses many different technologies.

The AgriFutures Australia Bioenergy, Bioproducts and Energy Program aims to raise awareness in rural industries about the opportunities to engage in the bioenergy supply chain as feedstock producers.

币游注册In addition to food, fibre and pharma yield, Australian farms produce biomass yet a lack of reliable information on biomass feedstocks poses a significant roadblock to the development of bioenergy projects across Australia.

币游注册AgriFutures Australia leads a project with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to undertake biomass resource mapping and develop integrated regional solutions for effective use.

The 币游注册 will deliver a national database of biomass resources for bioenergy across Australia and a range of interactive tools to enable better access to information.

Working with states and territories to collect, collate and present information through the 币游注册, AgriFutures Australia will geospatially map existing and projected biomass resource data alongside other parameters such as existing network and transport infrastructure, land use capability and demographic data.

币游注册The project will enable better links between biomass suppliers and end users, supporting local businesses to get more value from organic material destined for landfill, disposal or other low value uses by improving information access and quality.

AgriFutures Australia also funds the 币游注册to showcase examples of how regional solutions are making the most of these available resources.


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